A Few Tips for Getting Multiple Offers and Getting The Most For Your Home

What are you willing to do to sell your home? More specifically, what are you willing to do to generate multiple offers? Buyers want a great home at a great price, and if that home is yours, then multiple offers will come pouring in.

Auctions are all about bidders outbidding each other at a rapid fire pace. That atmosphere can be created when low-price-seeking buyers come to see your home that would otherwise pass it up at higher pricing.

It is that lower listing price that brings in buyers looking to score a great value. If you offer your home at a slight discount compared to recent area sales, you will get buyers excited make offers. Work with your realtor to determine the best price using the most recent comparable sales data.

If your home has been on the market for some time without offers, consider a different pricing strategy with your realtor. Buyers are more attracted to big chunk reductions pricing than repetitive whittled-down reductions. More offers can be generated by pulling in a different set of buyers who cut off their search at a certain dollar amount, by going slightly under that search limit.

Availablity To Show

Your home is priced right with excellent visual marketing, so avoid making potential buyers jump through hoops just to see your home. Serious sellers are willing to have their home available to show whenever the opportunity arises, so let them know how motivated you are. The inconvenience of meeting the schedules of interested buyers cannot compare with having multiple offers coming in.

Appeal Inside And Out

The more mass appeal your home has, the more offers you will get obviously, but what constitutes mass appeal? A home that is not only immaculate and up-to-date, but enviable by everyone. You do not want your home to barely edge-out the others, but jumps ahead of the competition. Remember today’s buyers will be walking through many doors hoping to fall-in-love with a home that not only fits their wallet, but wins the lender’s approval and the appraiser’s nod. Just because there are freshly-painted living room walls and glitzy slipcovers on the rearranged furniture, does not mean the buyer willl take the bait.

Prepare every space, inside and out, so your home is spotless downstairs, upstairs, including the attic and basement. Replace worn flooring, creaking door hinges, aged appliances, and outdated light fixtures. Stage your home, but avoid tacky vignettes that only provide distraction. New paint only works if looks professionally done, otherwise sloppy work will turn buyers off. Be sure to aggressively market any upgrades or newly-installed systems in your home.


Discuss with your realtor the best day to list your home and put it on the market. Many buyers cannot shop for a home until the weekend. Allow your home to be exposed on the market long enough for interested buyers to see it and make offers. Let your realtor time your open houses, as well, giving buyers the time line in the listing so they feel an urgency to make an offer right away.

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